Sofas are one of the most important equipment of our homes. We are all

having so much time on our sofas. Therefore, it deserves to be paid attention before buying.

First of all, we need to point out that, this is a pleasant process so take your time and initially determine your priorities and then enjoy it. Check the online shops; visit the sofa shopping malls, exhibitions. Touch to the fabrics, look at the models, colors, materials, dimension options etc… After all, make sure you exactly find out what you are looking for and fulfill your needs.

Here we go… Let’s start by determining the suitable location and position to place it. Accordingly, in fact, while thinking on the dimensions, it will be very suitable to consider the physical features and transportation obstacles of your houses or flats such as… It will be convenient to ask the certain question if you are living at 15’th floor; Would my new beautiful sofa can fit inside the elevator? Another substantial case is please note that neither you nor transporter people wishes to leave the sofa outside the room or apartment or even building because of sizes of the doors.)) However, even you face such ridiculous issues do not hesitate to contact to your talented sofa masters, they will probably find out how to invite the sofa in). Actually, that is why most of sofa producers makes the sofas dismountable (modular). Nevertheless, remember; ‘mostly’ is not ‘always’. Maybe these extreme examples sounds silly but if you did not buy your sofa yet so you still have time to simply prevent such remarkable issues, which can cause loss of money, time and energy. After these awful examples if you still did not give up buying a sofa so let’s move on…

Should be take into account such factors as its purpose, just sit and lie down, daily chill out, daily sleep, in the kitchen or living room. The mechanism of decomposition, filler, the parameters such as the height of the sofa, depth, length and height of the seat. Sofas have some average standards for sure but if you will not buy a ready one, you can appoint any sizes according to your personal taste and desire. Still as a small tip, a comfortable sofa should be at least 20 cm longer than your height.

For example if you are living at a studio type apartment maybe better to choose foldable, more functional sofas such as folding, rolling, unfolding. There are many different mechanisms and accessories designed in order to supply different type of usages and needs. Hereby, we kindly would like to remind you to check our mechanism and accessories supply as brand of “Apex Mechanism”. In any case, comfort and durability are the musts for a sofa. If you want your sofa to last you for many years, then pay attention to the filler: Foam, latex, polyurethane foam, spring block etc. The frame is an invisible base, which have metal, wood, chipboard options. Please feel free to ask and see the frame material, test especially the sponge samples or other filler materials and pay attention to optimize the quality of sponge according to your budget. In fact, considering the near future, cheap options could cost more expensive. Remember, sponges have different durability, lifetime and comfort options. In many occasions peoples priority could be chicness instead of functionality as well, or maybe you want these specifics both together so look at the different upholstery fabric options, model variations, arm, foot options, sewing, padding styles. You can check some trends by searching on the web.

Finally, one more matter is crucial. It is upholstery fabric of the sofa. This stage is the one, which identifies the appearance and character of your sofa. The hand feeling of the upholstery fabric is very important because if you do not like the touch feeling of your sofa, possibly you could not able to love it. Which colors are your favorite ones? Which colors are trendy? How is combination of your sofa with the interior elements such as curtains, carpets etc. The presence of animals, the presence of children in the home, should also consider while deciding the quality and color of the fabric. Could not you still choose your color? As another little tip; If your room is not getting enough day light so maybe you should not choose the black color.

Whatever you choose, we are as “Apex Fabrics” wish you coziness, peace and happiness with your new sofa.