‘Silk’ will give you a sense of elegance and touch that you do not want to leave with its unique, elegant shine and soft silky texture. Thanks to its dense texture, unique pattern and design, it is suitable for use in a wide variety of upholstered furniture. Reflect your own style with carefully selected color options. Invite spring to your homes with simplicity and naturalness with beige and brown tones, nobility with gray tones, and freedom with blue and green tones. We have designed tones such as light blue, light pink, lilac, and light green, which are rarely found in upholstery fabrics, to add joy to your environment and to contribute to the elegance of your children’s and young rooms. It will make you fall in love with its pattern, texture, appearance and warmth.
Enjoy a soft and colorful life with ‘Silk’.
Thanks to its high abrasion resistance (Martindale), long pile surface and easy-to-clean structure, it can be used safely in homes with children and with pets. It is made of breathable, durable polyester yarn. The softness, warmth and usefulness of knitted fabrics are indispensable. You can wipe it with a soft soapy cloth or dust it off with the soft tip of a vacuum cleaner.

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