Fabrics are various, it takes so much time even the struggle of count them all.

However, if you are not a curious research addict, possibly, you found yourself inside this text due to you are looking for a sofa nowadays and that is why you are asking the reasonable question: What is furniture upholstery fabric? What is difference with others? Here we go…

Today, sofas become for a person not only a place to lie down or sit, but also a means of expressive filling of interiors and living spaces. Upholstery fabric of the furniture is the most visible and effective part which you can express your style. In addition to colors or style, we need to consider different factors either.

Furniture fabrics are upholstery materials intended for upholstered furniture parts. Depending on the quality options there are different physical properties of wear resistance (Abrasion-Martindale), tensile strength, tear strength, thickness, and weight. Besides there are color properties depending on light fastness, color fastness, painting options etc. Apex fabrics performs these quality tests of the products as a standard production policy. Our company indicates the target outputs of the tests are determined according to the high margins accepted by the industry.

By composition of furniture fabrics, we can mention ‘Natural’ and ‘Synthetic’ fabric types, which have different advantages and disadvantages. Natural fabrics contents linen, cotton, wool and silk. According to your taste and style, they may be perfect decisions with different textures and patterns. Comparison to Synthetic fabrics they are more delicate, high priced and difficult in care. Synthetic fabrics generally produced by polyester material, which are more durable and easier to use and clean. In the textile industry, there are very different technologies of weaving, knitting, flocking etc. Also many finishing processes as embossing, burn out, dyeing, bronzing, printing which are substantially changes the ultimate view.

Upholstery fabrics usually consist of two or sometimes more separate layers, then the layers glued together. For this reason, the front surface and the backing base fabrics can be in different colors, compositions and textures. Front surface adjusts as visible side while covering and upholstering.

It is worth noting that furniture fabrics are suitable not only for upholstery of upholstered furniture, they are used for cushions, backpacks, upholstery of feeding chairs, toys, strollers, swings… Leatherette may be use for shoes parts, bags, car covers… We can mention that the use of upholstery fabrics and leatherette is multifaceted. Paying attention to texture, thickness, durability, we are free to cover anything we want with upholstery fabrics and synthetic leathers.

All types of furniture fabrics and leatherette distinguished by their composition, resistance, appearance, which ultimately forms the pricing policy.

Followings are basic criteria for the quality of upholstery fabric:

1. Abrasion resistance: This indicator indicates the suitability of the fabric for various uses. Its application method is in the form of rubbing thousands of times on the fabric surface with a slightly hardened element in the laboratory. The higher the resistance, the more intensively it can be exploited. The most common name of it is ‘Martindale test’.

2. Tensile & tear strength: In high technology textile laboratories, a certain section taken from the fabric and the fabric exposed to tensile and tear forces at different angles. Results of these tests are indicates the durability of the fabric against variety of external factors during usage.

3. Color and light fastness: This characteristic shows how the color of the fabric is resistant to light, moisture and friction. The quality of the dyes used for dyeing directly affects the performance and consumer properties of the fabric. A scale from 1 to 5 points is used, the higher the indicator, the better.

4. Breathability: This criterion shows how much the fabric is able to pass air in order to avoid tearing at the seams, during frequent use. In addition, breathable fabrics are important in order to prevent skin problems and protection of sweating balance of the body.

5. Fire resistance: It shows how resistant the fabric is to fire. Fire resistance is applicable for fabrics on a particular production by some technical supplements. In the semi-professional productions, these supplements can be contradictory with the softness, breathability and human health. Please make a proper research while buying such special products. Furthermore, please pay attention that, fire resistance can delay the fire however in many occasions fire resistant fabric is not capable of preventing it. For further information, please apply to technical experts.

‘Furniture upholstery fabric’ is one of the various subtitles of ‘textile’ business. As all we know this is much more technical matter than we tried to explain here. We as “Apex Fabrics” tried to do our best by helping you for choosing your fabric by this brief tutorial text. Finally lets point out that, in our industry colors are limitless just like life

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